20 April 2023
McCormick X6.414 P6-Drive
22 June 2023

Table of contents:

    1. Innovation never stops at McCormick
    2. Digital agriculture is now possible with Argo Tractors’ technology!
    3. The future at your fingertips

Innovation never stops at McCormick

Operator well-being, high productivity, control and vehicle protection are all concepts that are perfectly combined in McCormick‘s philosophy. These are objectives firmly in the minds of Argo Tractors engineering, who are continuously focused on technology during the development of new models and projects.

In this historical moment, innovation is the key to agriculture, which increasingly relies on ad hoc solutions to increase productivity while protecting people and the environment. Furthermore, it was the common thread that connected the latest McCormick news in 2022.



Digital agriculture is now possible with Argo Tractors’ technology!

McCormick has long been a leading provider for technology applied to agriculture. Just think of telemetry and telediagnosis. These technologies allow, on one hand, to transmit data and information immediately and, on the other, to possibly detect any faults in electronic components remotely via telematic tools. Telediagnosis, in particular, operates in a predictive manner, enabling more straightforward, but most importantly, timely maintenance to eliminate risk before it becomes a serious issue, intervening at critical times if needed.

Avoiding downtime, saving time and reducing costs is possible, thanks to these McCormick tools specially created to meet the needs of farmers and included in all McCormick Stage V ranges through a dedicated control unit.


The further evolution is the McCormick Fleet Management. This is a real platform that works thanks to the installation on McCormick tractor of a control unit, a connection dedicated to data collection, a cable and a satellite geolocation system to monitor the main activities of the fleet, using machines and implements most effectively and productively possible. All this while always maintaining a focus on the health of farmer and vehicle. The operator can use the online portal, and there will be a dedicated App for easy and user-friendly remote access to all information using a smartphone, tablet or computer.



The future at your fingertips

For McCormick, innovation has no limit, and 2023 promises to be the year when borders are completely overcome: with a single click, users will always have access to the whole McCormick world.

In fact, My McCormick – the Power App of the Argo Tractors brand – is about to be launched. This will provide direct access to all the most innovative and useful agricultural functions: McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management for fleet management and telediagnosis, McCormick Farm for agronomic data monitoring, McCormick Precision Drive for satellite guidance, and McCormick Power Service for scheduled maintenance.

This is an absolute novelty, successfully presented at EIMA 2022, which will revolutionise the world of agriculture for all those who have chosen to work with McCormick.

The future is here and it is characterised by comfort and productivity for the farmer, protection and care for the land, and technology as well as digitalisation of the tractorsThe future is McCormick.

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