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1 March 2021
Precision farming: what is it and what benefits does it offer?
1 March 2021

There are many things that we can’t control in farming. Variables such as the weather, crop pests, shifting consumer tastes all have an impact on the costs affecting a farming business. There is little doubt that farming continues to evolve with new challenges constantly appearing.

Machinery and its associated costs can be one of the biggest impacts on a farming enterprise – whether a small family farm, focused on the highest standard of animal welfare, or the largest technology driven agribusiness farming thousands of arable acres, all of these operations need tractors.

At McCormick we are focused on Cost Of Ownership (COO) models that suit our customers individual needs. For some, gone are the days of buying a capital investment outright, today we offer flexible finance schemes to suit every cashflow need, as well as lease and contract hire options. Flexible hire or purchase options are key to managing cashflow in a business and allow the owner to manage replacement options to a timescale suitable to them and the income stream of the business.

Machinery performs to the best of its ability when servicing and preventative maintenance is carried out by specialist dealer technicians. So to minimize downtime, and maximise machine uptime, we recommend a McCormick service plan – totally fixing your COO  – allowing the farmer to plan and budget for servicing over the lifetime of the machine, confident in factory trained technicians, with original Argo Parts to ensure their investment is kept at the peak of performance.

With plans up to 5 years, 5000 hours of operation, that’s McCormick putting our stamp of manufacturing quality against every product in our range. We are proud to partner with independent dealers who provide some of the best service levels in the industry – ensuring your tractor keeps performing day after day after day.

When considering your next investment – why not see what a McCormick COO plan can do for you?

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