Landini: 140 years of passion and innovation

Landini REX4-120 GT DYNAMIC
22 March 2024

On the 140th anniversary of its launch, Landini, the historic tractor brand of the Argo Tractors group, looks ahead and reaffirms its development strategy and ambitions to consolidate its presence in the international market. It was 1884 when Giovanni Landini founded Officine Landini, a wine making machinery factory in Fabbrico, Italy where Argo Tractors’ headquarters are still based today. It was not until 1910 that the first fixed hot-bulb engine was produced, whereas it was in 1925 that the first tractor went into production: Landini 25/30 HP. Moreover, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Landini’s acquisition by the Morra family, which, together with the subsequent addition of McCormick, would lead to the founding of Argo Tractors in 2007. Landini is the renowned and historic Italian tractor brand that has made an active contribution to the development of mechanisation in Italy and in the leading agricultural countries. In 2021 Argo Tractors joined the Motor Valley, an association that represents a strip of land in northern Italy that has become world-famous for mechatronic production and is home to famous automotive brands.

Cav. Lav. (Order of Merit for Labour) Valerio Morra, President of Argo Tractors

“Passion and innovation are the key drivers that have guided us over the years” commented Cav. Lav. (Order of Merit for Labour) Valerio Morra, President of Argo Tractors – making us ambassadors of Made in Italy, proudly represented abroad, where we have expanded our presence with the creation of new branches and consolidated our extensive sales network. The innovative process set in motion by the founders in the 19th century has continued to take centre stage, thanks to the passion we devote every day to manufacturing tractors and offering increasingly connected, cutting-edge digital services. 140 years is a historic milestone that places us among the world’s oldest manufacturers and is also a reason to move proudly on to new heights”.

Innovative projects also continue thanks to an engineering teamwork that constantly delivers the latest technological solutions in which Argo Tractors invests 6% of its turnover each year. And there is no shortage of results, as demonstrated by the prizes collected all over the world. The most recent was the award picked up in Hanover at the Agritechnica trade fair, where the Landini Rex 4-120GT Dynamic was awarded Tractor of the Year 2024 in the Best of Specialized category. Then there is the push towards new, more sustainable solutions, which places Landini and Argo Tractors among the forerunners and which gave rise to the REX4 Full Hybrid, a hybrid tractor with a diesel engine combined with an electric motor, as well as a vehicle, the REX4 Electra Evolving Hybrid, with a fully electric front wheel drive on a suspended axle. The 140th anniversary programme has already started with Landini‘s participation at the Fieragricola event in Verona, Italy at the end of January, where the Capsule Collection dedicated to the celebrations was unveiled, with exclusive clothing marked by the new slogan “Feel the change”, testifying to Landini’s commitment to sustainable productivity both on the industrial side and among farming professionals. The calendar then includes a return to Verona for an exciting appearance at the Vinitaly wine fair in April, continuing with other events such as Enovitis in campo in June, up to Eima International in Bologna (6 to 10 November). Also worth mentioning is the opening of the new plant in Campagnola Emilia (RE) in January 2024, which manufactures the Group’s transmissions. The Landini celebrations do not end here: other events are being planned and will be unveiled in the coming months.

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