REX3 F: super specialised tractors for orchard and vineyard work

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1 March 2021
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1 March 2021

Landini’s passion for innovation is expressed to the full with the new Rex3 F Series, a renewed version of the super specialised tractor for vineyard and orchard work.
A restyling that changes the substance: under the renewed bonnet are the new Stage V compliant engines, accompanied by innovative technological solutions, all without sacrificing another strong point of the series, the compactness of the spaces. These innovations have helped the new Rex3 F to become a finalist in the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “best of specialized” category.

Rex3: here are all the versions and engine types

Available in 2 versions, F (orchard) and GE (low orchard), the Rex3 has 3 engines delivering 55, 68 and 75 horsepower, with torque reserves of 50%, 45% and 32% respectively.
The choice fell on the new 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2.5-litre Kohler engines because of their compactness and the solutions offered, which allow Stage V emission limits to be met, thanks to DOC systems without regeneration that in no way affect the productivity and efficiency of the machine.

Super-compact size for narrow and low rows

The biggest advantages of the new Rex3 F are undoubtedly its manoeuvrability, its easy handling even on slopes and its ease of use thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions:
● extremely short wheelbase of 1950 mm,
● minimum ground clearance of 213 mm,
● external width ranging from 1350 mm to 1617 mm,
● minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground on the GE platform version of 1,256 mm
● weight without ballast of 2,200 kg
These features make the range an ideal solution for use in vineyards and orchards, as well as vegetable and greenhouse operations.
The Rex3 F is an extremely versatile range, allowing the use of different types of accessories, even front-mounted. The tractor can be equipped with a front lift with a maximum lifting capacity at the ball-end of up to 1,000 kg, while the geometry of the under-cab frame is specially designed for ventral installation.

Trattore Landini REX3 F con cabina
Low Profile cab for working between rows

The Rex3 F is now available with an optional Low Profile cab, specially designed for sloping operations and low passages. Built with a single body structure, it is 1.16 m wide at the base, which reached 0.86 m at roof level, for a minimum overall ground clearance of 1.87 m. The wide-opening door provides easy access to the passenger compartment, for maximum comfort, also thanks to
● single body cab structure
● minimum overall ground clearance 1785 mm
● tiltable steering wheel,
● multifunctional digital dashboard,
● no levers on the central tunnel,
● air conditioning
● rear cab working lights with LED technology
● low-profile rotating beacon with LED technology
The Low-Profile cab offers wide visibility in all directions, even for lateral operations, working on slopes and in greenhouses, maximising the possibilities of use for this range of tractors.

Rex3 F transmission and hydraulics

The transmission built by Argo Tractors has 4 gears and 4 ranges: using the mechanical reverse shuttle with control at the steering wheel with creeper, it can reach up to 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, for a speed range of 0.4 to 40 km/h.
The front axle with electro-hydraulic engagement maximises traction on any terrain and offers a steering angle of up to 55°, while a 50-litre diesel fuel tank ensures a full all-day operating range.
The hydraulics have been designed to handle professional use and offer 30 litres/min for steering and 50 litres/min for spool valves, up to 3 and with the possibility of bringing an outlet to the front. The mechanically controlled rear hydraulic hitch can be equipped with ELS (Ergonomic Lift System) and anti-dumping system, reaching a lifting capacity of up to 2700 kg at the ball-ends.
The 24-inch rear wheels are also available with Waffle-type rims, which are ideal for high loads while at the same time guaranteeing the best concentricity between rim and tyre to minimise vibration, thus maximising comfort when travelling on the road with equipment in tow, also thanks to a maximum allowed tractor weight of 4,000 kg.

New technologies

The new Rex3 F is equipped with the Engine Memo Switch for engine speed management, allowing you to store and quickly recall settings when passing from one activity to another.
This extensive overview of the Rex3 F Series’ specifications is completed by its perfect compatibility with Landini’s fleet management protocol.
In fact, the Rex3 F Series can be fitted with the Landini Fleet Management system, which guarantees telemetry data, remote diagnostics, efficient integration with the after-sales system, a direct connection with the service department and a reduction in downtime for maintenance, as well as a preferential lane for the operator to maximise the farm’s operations.

Rex3 F applications

All these features make it a versatile and resourceful machine, particularly suitable for working in narrow spaces and between rows. These are the applications for which the Rex3 F was designed:
● Orchards: the Rex3 F was specifically created for specialised crops starting from orchards, where it moves with agility among the rows with a span of 2.2 to 2.5 metres.
● Vineyards: the Rex3 F is suited for all operations in traditional vineyards, and the Low-Profile cab version can even be used in vineyards with pergola and trellis systems thanks to its minimum ground clearance of 1785 mm with LP cab.
Its versatility is also due to the fact that it can be equipped with ventral tool holders and front hitch and PTO.
● Vegetable growing: the Rex3 F can also be used in greenhouses in the Low-Profile cab version, even with specialised crops where manoeuvrability is limited.
● Farms: the Rex3 F is an extremely reliable and versatile tractor that is also suited for everyday applications at farms which need vehicles with power between 55 and 75 hp and for road travel, where it offers excellent driving comfort.

Learn more about Landini Rex3 F:

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